The Next-gen Submarine and Naval Combat Simulator

Welcome to Modern Naval Warfare.
Submerge into the dark and unforgiving world of the modern, high tech naval battlefield.Track your enemies, avoid patrols and mines, engage in covert operations, fight your way with torpedoes and unleash devastating cruise missile attacks.
It’s all in a days work.

Planned gameplay features


Several unique and highly detailed platforms like Virginia, Astute, Type 212 and Akula.


See your friends man the various stations and fight with you or face them against you.


Attack your enemies with a large array of weapons like torpedoes, mines and missiles.


Issue orders as the captain and let your crew (human players or AI) take care of the rest.


From the noisy waters of the Mediterranean to the South China Sea and back to the shallow Baltic.


Use a Windows, Linux or Mac system as the base sim and add some tablets for station screens.

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    Highly detailed platforms

    Sonar, fire control, radar, navigation and communication systems all modeled to bring you the most authenting naval action to date. At the same time each platform has its own unique set of stations, system and weapons.

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    Dynamic campaign

    Feel the burden of commanding a multi billion dollar machine of war where your every decision counts. And while you may not be able to win the conflict by yourself, you may very easily be the one who loses it.

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    Immersive environments

    You think that enemy ships and helicopters are your only enemies? Bad weather, difficult sonar conditions and treacherous underwater topography can kill as fast as any torpedo.

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    Complex weapon systems

    Heavyweight and lightweight torpedoes, anti-ship missiles and land attack cruise missiles are all included and faithfully modeled. However all it takes is a well placed snapshot from your enemy to ruin your whole mission and your day.

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    Full mission editor

    You want to design your own set of missions or campaign? Maybe try some “what if” scenarios? Or you rather recreate a real world incident? With the web based mission editor you can do all of the above and more.

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    Rich and expanding world

    Live and fight through real world oceans filled with islands, harbours, civilian traffic, biologics (you know whales, dolphins, fish etc.) and of course targets. Moreover there is a full range of mod tools for 3rd party expansion.

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    Advanced multiplayer

    Modern submarines are complicated machines. Why fight alone? Invite your friends to man the various stations and gain the tactical advantage. But beware since your enemies may have exactly the same idea.

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    Build your own conn

    Not enough displays? No worries! Dig up your old notebooks and use them as additional displays or bring a couple of tablets and use them as command panels. Now you can have your own simconn.

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    Cutting edge AI system

    Real ships are not operated by one person and neither do ours. A ship might react differently to a situation depending on who is currently on watch and who is manning each station. This is true both for your own boat and for NPC vessels.

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